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Ural Vectors

Sverdlovsk Territorial Center for Corporate Transport Services Expands the Geography of Transportation

Sverdlovsk Territorial Center for Corporate Transport Service (TCCTS) regularly conducts targeted work with clients to expand the geography of transportation and increase the volume of goods transported on schedule with an agreed time of departure and arrival. For 8 months, 7 437 contractual trains were sent to 109 directions.
A significant number of goods are sent for export through the ports of the North-West, South and Far East of Russia, as well as border crossings. In just 8 months, 1,246 trains were dispatched, including 803 container trains.

Since January, accelerated transportation of mineral fertilizers of Uralkali PJSC for export to the People’s Republic of China has been resumed in the directions Berezniki-Sortirovochnaya – Zabaikalsk and Solikamsk-2 – Zabaikalsk. During the period from January to August, 173 trains of potassium chloride were sent.

Cooperation with Metafrax PJSC was continued in the framework of accelerated shipment of methanol through the border crossing Buslovskaya and further to Finland. 74 routes with a total weight of more than 265 thousand tons were dispatched.

New container routes this year have been organized in 18 directions: Shuvakish – Nakhodka-Vostochnaya, Shushary, Yekaterinburg-Tovarny – Shushary, Blochnaya – Naushki, Shushary, Novy Port, Dostyk, Source – Novy Port, Bronka, Asbest – Novorossiysk, Tobolsk – Dostyk , Lishchitsy, Naushki, Sukmany – Predportovaya, Alyabyevo – Naushki, Novorossiysk, Avtovo, Novy Port. Main transported goods: chemicals and soda, timber, ferrous metals, paper.

Electronic document flow with the Federal Customs Service (FCS).

Since July 2019, a transition has been made to the registration of electronic export invoices in a number of directions: Finland Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, seaports of the Russian Federation. When registering shipping documents from the Federal Customs Service of Russia, AS ETRAN receives a mark from the customs authorities, which is an analogue of the original stamp “release permitted”. By eliminating the need for the consignor to stamp invoices at the customs authority of departure, the average time for processing export cargo has been reduced to one day.

Since August 2020, in order to apply the 0% VAT tax rate, it has become possible for the taxpayer to submit copies of transportation documents in hard copy containing visualized electronic marks of customs authorities and the signature of the shipper. This made it possible to use the marks of customs authorities received by AS ETRAN as an analogue of the original stamp in all export directions.

With the transition to the completion of the transit procedure in electronic form, the processing time for imported goods at the destination station has decreased. In addition to improvement of the operational work of destination stations, the transition made it possible to process cargo without hindrance, following with documents issued using paperless technology within the INTERTRAN project and placed under the transit procedure by the customs representative of Russian Railways.

In view of the need of consignees in further minimizing downtime at the destination station while awaiting customs clearance of imported goods, Sverdlovsk TCCTS has been providing a comprehensive service for organizing the acceptance of imported goods using electronic document management technologies since May 2020. The processing time for imported goods is accelerated two to three times.