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Coal and Ore are transported in containers

Experiment Shown Economic Benefits

At the stage of the experiment, a new method of international transportation of bulk and bulk cargo in open top containers is located on the Trans-Baikal road. Currently, a number of experimental transportations have been carried out, which, on the one hand, helped to determine their advantages, and on the other hand, revealed a number of limiting factors.
“This logistics solution is beneficial to all parties. For customers, it gives the opportunity to receive subsidies for transportation through the territory of China”, – says Vyacheslav Tolmachev, head of the Trans-Baikal Territorial Center for Corporate Transport Services.

For the carrier, this effect is also positive, it will increase the processing capacity of border stations. For example, a traditional problem at the Manchurian station is the unloading of frozen coal, due to which gondola cars are idle for several days in China, and the processing capacity of transshipment sites decreases. For container transportation of coal and ore, this problem removes restrictions on the border crossing, allows to accelerate the turnover of wagons with a track gauge of 1520 mm.

An interest in this transportation was expressed by both cargo owners and operators of fitting platforms working at the Zabaikalskaya road test site, including PJSC TransContainer, which is actively involved in experiments and negotiations with shippers on containerization of bulk cargo.
“Separately, it should be said about the interest of the Chinese Railways, which are also actively involved in this initiative,” says Vyacheslav Tolmachev. “For them, this scheme is logistically more attractive than traditional transportation, since containerization, as in Russia, is an important trend in Chinese transport policy”.

Despite the restrictions that arose, the participants in the transportation generally considered the technology to be fundamentally feasible. The plans of the Zabaikalskaya road are to increase the number of shippers in open top containers and improve the technology of such transportation.

According to Vyacheslav Tolmachev, the possibility of loading open top containers should be provided by shippers at the design stage of the enterprise, which will remove most of the questions in the future. Informing customers about the possibility of such transportation will increase interest in a new method of transportation, which ultimately will lead to an increase in the level of containerization.