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Leading Positions

Federal Freight Company Engages Shippers

In the third quarter of 2020, the share of the Federal Freight Company (FGK) in the Russian wagon fleet was 10.6% (18.8% in the gondola car fleet), the share in the freight turnover was 10.4% (15.2% in the gondola wagon freight turnover)... Thus, the company maintains its leading position in the rolling stock operating market.

According to Viktor Voronovich, General Director of FGK JSC, the company in a difficult epidemiological period is finding new mechanisms and ways to attract customers. First of all, it is the quality and complexity of services – from the conclusion of the contract to timely delivery of rolling stock required by the client: “2020 has become a challenge for all participants in the rail freight market. The transition to remote work and the reduction in the volume of loading due to the pandemic provided us with the opportunity to gain new experience and taught us how to work effectively in a new reality», – he said.

To attract traffic volumes and use rolling stock, FGK JSC developed and launched in June 2020 a new product for the market – the Hot Summer loyalty program, which any cargo owner can participate in. The terms of the promotion provide for a flexible system of discounts to rates for the provision of wagons with the ability to summarize discounts for several programs at once, which allows the client to significantly optimize transport costs. “The loyalty program makes it possible to minimize the associated transportation costs and provide additional savings for each specific client, since it includes many options that meet the business objectives of different shippers. In the first three months of the loyalty program, we resumed work with 87 clients, attracted 18 new partners and improved the main indicators of the Company’s fleet. Thus, the volume of loading increased by 4% against the planned indicators, the cargo turnover – by 14%, the productivity of the car has increased by 12%. 67% of customers are fully satisfied with the work within the loyalty program, 10% would like to expand the range of discounts. We see a positive result, hear a positive response from customers and work on further development of the product”, – said Viktor Voronovich.

Also, FGK JSC, jointly with the Centre for Corporate Transport Services, organized the piggyback transportation of a truck with a semitrailer loaded with consumer goods along the route Sosnogorsk – Vorkuta – Sosnogorsk. The client was Allur LLC, which renders forwarding services to large retail chains and transport companies. Model 13-5205 platform departed on August 19, 2020.

Viktor Voronovich drew attention to the specifics of transport links with the Komi Republic due to the geographic location of the region: “The northern cities of the republic are located in the permafrost zone, thus there is no regular road connection with them. There is no road to Vorkuta, and the cities of Pechora and Usinsk can be reached by car only in summer and winter, when there are crossings across the Pechora River. Undoubtedly, this situation affects the organization of the supply of food and industrial goods to the region. As one of the solutions, we have worked out and implemented the concept of piggyback transportation, which will connect the major cities of the Komi Republic: Sosnogorsk, Vorkuta, Pechora and Usinsk».

The forwarder takes on the task of coordinating the delivery of goods from distribution warehouses by road to the loading station of Sosnogorsk and at the same time organizes the delivery of goods in small batches to retail chain stores and delivery points of transport companies from destination stations. Such a partner was the company «Allur».
“The project of transporting cars of retail chains on piggyback platforms is a promising and modern alternative to the existing method of delivering goods of our partners. Now we plan to develop further in this direction. The plans are to start the delivery of perishable goods on autonomous refrigerated semi-trailers, which will ensure that the temperature regime in the body is maintained throughout the entire transportation. To do this, it is necessary to solve a number of tasks, including checking the operation of climatic units along the route and their prompt launch in the event of a stop”, said Dmitry Volkov, General Director of Allur LLC.

«Implemented piggyback transportation on the Northern Road is the first stage. The main technology that will be used in this project is the transportation of only semi-trailers (including refrigerated ones) without a tractor. The technology of loading and securing vehicles on the wagon, proposed by the specialists of FGK JSC, is now at the stage of approval. This will free up the truck fleet and, as a result, reduce the cost of delivering goods to end users, which will give an even greater incentive to increase the volume of piggyback transportation and expand their geography on the road test site”, added the head of FGK JSC.

Viktor Voronovich also noted the company’s participation in the development of the segment of high-speed container transportation: “Today, work is underway to develop and build prototypes of high-speed 80-foot six-axle platform cars model 13-6704 on bogies of a passenger type welded structure with an operating speed of up to 140 km / h. The project has already been developed and approved, potential suppliers of unique elements of the flat car have been selected, and the bearing elements are being assembled. The operation of high-speed flatcars is planned as part of permanently formed trains for container transit transportation of high-value delicate goods along the China-Europe-China route, as well as in the directions from the ports of the Far East to the European part of Russia».

As part of its foreign activities, FGK JSC for 10 years of its existence ensured the transportation of more than 31 million tons of various cargoes to the PRC through overland border crossings. 456 million tons of export and transit cargoes were transported in the wagons of FGK JSC to 131 countries, which is more than half of the countries of the world.