24 сентября 2021 02:22

Выпуск №12 от 10.12.2020

FGK JSC Management Hits the TOP-1000 Russian Managers Rating

Four managers of the Federal Freight Company (FGK) were included in the annual rating «TOP-1000 Russian Managers» presented by the Association of Managers and Publishing House «Kommersant».

General Director of FGK JSC, Viktor Voronovich, took the second place among the top managers of the transport industry. First Deputy General Director of FGK JSC, Leonid Voronin, ranked third among the best commercial directors of the transport industry. The second place among the leading directors for corporate governance in the transport industry was taken by Natalya Arabova, Deputy General Director for Corporate Governance at FGK JSC. Production Director – Head of the Department of Logistics and Tariff Policy of FGK JSC, Roman Bril, took first place among the best directors for logistics and supply chains in the transport industry.