24 сентября 2021 03:23

Выпуск №12 от 10.12.2020

Blockchain Platforms Integrate

In mid-October, at the International Transport and Logistics Forum PRO // Dvizhenie.1520, Russian Railways and a Danish company specializing in sea freight and port terminal services, Maersk, entered into an agreement on cooperation in the development of digital services for transit multimodal transportation using blockchain technology.
The document was signed by Deputy General Director of JSC Russian Railways – Head of the Center for Transport and Technical Services, Aleksey Shilo and General Director of Maersk, Zsolt Katona. The document provides for the exchange of information on implemented opportunities and the development of blockchain platforms used by companies. The parties also agreed to cooperate on the integration of these platforms and the promotion of digital services formed on their basis on the multimodal transportation market. “For the development of containerization of the Russian economy, it is important to transfer supply centers from Moscow and St. Petersburg to regional centers,” said the CEO of Russian Railways Logistics, Dmitry Murev. – For this, it is necessary to develop a network of dry ports and container terminals as well as to establish relations with existing warehouse operators and terminals in million-plus cities”.